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Humanoid Apophis-drawn by Apophis-wolf

December 2008

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informal Leon

zripper10 in throneofapophis

Roman strategies

                 Iv been studying ancient rome recently, and iv found out much about it. i heard that the romans took a lot of their battle tactics from the Greeks, particularly the spartans. like the phalanx, which was derrived by the spartans in which all soldiers point their shields directly foward creating pretty much an inpenitrible wall of shileds, but the romans decided to use that for the idea of the tortoise, where soldiers in the sides point their shileds outward, and the soldiers in the middle point them upward, creating an invincable sort of formation of shields and outpointing spears. if anybody would like to continue with this conversation please dont hesitate....no seriously, please reply! im so bored! lol


actually yes, the romans did take many ideal strategies from the spartan military force. not only that tho, but they made them better. like for instane, u gave us the example of the phalanx and the tortoise, but the spartans also used round bronze shields. the romans used large rectangular shields made of iron, and later, steel, making for a much better wall. one thing that the spartans DID have over the romanshowever, is unmatched discipline. the spartans were willing to stare death in the face without even a second thought, and they'd probly slap him too lol