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Humanoid Apophis-drawn by Apophis-wolf

December 2008



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Dec. 16th, 2008

informal Leon


Roman strategies

                 Iv been studying ancient rome recently, and iv found out much about it. i heard that the romans took a lot of their battle tactics from the Greeks, particularly the spartans. like the phalanx, which was derrived by the spartans in which all soldiers point their shields directly foward creating pretty much an inpenitrible wall of shileds, but the romans decided to use that for the idea of the tortoise, where soldiers in the sides point their shileds outward, and the soldiers in the middle point them upward, creating an invincable sort of formation of shields and outpointing spears. if anybody would like to continue with this conversation please dont hesitate....no seriously, please reply! im so bored! lol

Dec. 15th, 2008

inspired woman, Maenad



What is your name?: TJ Eckhart

How old are you?: 39

Male or female?: Female

When is your birthday?: September 25th

Who is your favorite historical person? Why?: I can't say that I have a favorite but I have a least favorite: Aristotle. Honestly how this one man became so important in later history is beyond me.  If you read his work in comparison to other philosophers I think he simply pales by the comparison. He merely was one voice in a world rich with education and teaching, yes, he did tutor Alexander the Great but still later readers and scholars give him far too much credit for his influence and quality of work than necessary.

What is your favorite historical god/godess: Why?:  Again, I don't have one.  I do study Amazons, however, my dissertation and I hope my first and second scholarly books will be exploring the value and use of this cultural icon that was and continues to be popular.

Why did you join this community?: I am an ancient historian and I just started a LJ to talk about what life is really like for ancient historians.  I thought that might interest people in this community and I thought that from time to time I might have something useful to add to the conversation here.

TJ Eckhart

Aug. 12th, 2008

fun Leon


Attempt at Starting a Conversation

 sooooo.......when i onced studied about "Master Ninjas" i learned that as a practice, before the Ninja could become unto the title of a "Master" they had to be able to do all sorts of insane arts and abilities, like being forced to unsheath their sword, slash a  water drop and sheath a sword within a certain amounht of time. I think it was like within less than a second or something.

Aug. 5th, 2008

fun Leon



 What is you're name: Leonidas Dire

 How old are you: 19

 Male or Female: Male

 When is you're birthday: August 17th

 Who is you're favorite historical person and why: Too many to count but a couple are Abraham Lincoln  and of course King Leonidas (we even share the same first name lol). Abe Lincoln because he was a bold president who abolished slavery as well as wrote the Emancipation Proclamation (i dont know if i spelled it right). Leonidas because he was a really cool and good king, excellent soldier, brave leader and (coincidently) shares the same first name as me :- )

 Which historical God/Goddess was you're favorite and why: I don't really know which one was my favorite. Apophis, Zeus (dunno if i spelled it right), and La Magra were a few of my favorites. I dont really have any single favorite.

 Why did you join this community: quite a few reasons really; because i know a bit about ancient history, because i like discussing with people who i like (and i like you), and of course a competint, intelligent, well tempered republican is the maintainer ;- )

 I hope to be talking with you soon. 'Til next time,
                                                                        Leonidas Dire

Jul. 2nd, 2008



Instructions to Those Who Wish To Join

       The central purpose of this community is to reflect on the ancient history of people, warriors, and of course gods. Feel free to join, i will be happy to aprove of any newcomers. If you do join, please post an intro on this community to tell us a bit of who you are. Once joined in the community, feel free to discuss with the other members, but keep the entries relivent. I will just lay down a feew rules so things dont get out of hand and go down in flames in a burning anarchy.

1: No Insults or you will be kicked out of the community. I will of course use commen judgment do know the difference between friendly humer and uncalled for fights. If someone insults you unprovoked, and fight back, i will not ban you but please dont restart an arguement.

2: No racial or sexist slurs, or you will be banned. Again, i will decide whether it is just good humered fun or offensive insults.

3: Try to keep the discussion on this community on topic. Feel free to leave links to related sites or even your own LJ, but do not leave links to other sites. You can do that outside of this community.

4: No talking about other communities that are not related to ancient history.

5: Do not post anything bad about this community, in this community.

6: Do not go to my LJ and leave hate messages there either, thats just annoying.

7: Have fun or you will be banned. lol just kidding.

           If you join and leave an intro, here are some qestions you can answer if it helps.

What is your name?: Lets stick with Apophis

How old are you?: 14

Male or female?: Male

When is your birthday?: September 30th

Who is your favorite historicle person? Why?: King Leonidas of Sparta. He took 300 of his best men into an unbeatable fight against more than just a few thousand Persians and still killed tens of thousands. The movie definatly exagerated this battle (Battle of Thermopylae) it is still amazing.

What is your favorite historical god/godess: Why?: Apophis, I honestly couldn't tell ya why, but always been my favorite just the same.

Why did you join this community?: Because I enjoy ancient history.

        Hope you find these helpful. All are welcome. This is my community, these are my rules, this is the throne of Apophis.