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Humanoid Apophis-drawn by Apophis-wolf

December 2008

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inspired woman, Maenad

drtjeckhart in throneofapophis


What is your name?: TJ Eckhart

How old are you?: 39

Male or female?: Female

When is your birthday?: September 25th

Who is your favorite historical person? Why?: I can't say that I have a favorite but I have a least favorite: Aristotle. Honestly how this one man became so important in later history is beyond me.  If you read his work in comparison to other philosophers I think he simply pales by the comparison. He merely was one voice in a world rich with education and teaching, yes, he did tutor Alexander the Great but still later readers and scholars give him far too much credit for his influence and quality of work than necessary.

What is your favorite historical god/godess: Why?:  Again, I don't have one.  I do study Amazons, however, my dissertation and I hope my first and second scholarly books will be exploring the value and use of this cultural icon that was and continues to be popular.

Why did you join this community?: I am an ancient historian and I just started a LJ to talk about what life is really like for ancient historians.  I thought that might interest people in this community and I thought that from time to time I might have something useful to add to the conversation here.

TJ Eckhart


hey! a new member! lol i havnt seen a new one since...well...me lol. i hope to be talkin' with ya soon
Mostly I'll be posting on my LJ and following any updates in the communities I follow there, so posts will primarily come via my own LJ.

congradulations! you have just joined the...or what will be....the best community on livejournal lol. welcome aboard Eckhart that young man over there who is an even better artist than i am is Leon, hes a great guy. hope u enjoy talking with us. if u r a good artist, please let me know, we've been drawing stuff (well iv been drawing, hes been painting lol) and making them userpics for throneofapophis. if u can, draw me something and then send it to me and ill be happy to add it to our collection. check out our drawings by going to the communities user info and clicking on userpics.