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throneofapophis's Journal

Apophis' Throne
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The central purpose of this community is to reflect on the ancient history of warriors and gods.
Read the first entry for instructions for joining this community. Other than that, i, Apophis-Wolf, created the ThroneOfApophis so that people have a place to go to talk about ancient history and make new friends with people they havnt met before, a place where all are friendly with eachother and all are welcome, so long that they do not cause chaos and keep to the Code of Apoophis. To see the Code (which is basically rules) click the ThroneOfApophis link, and read the first entry. when and if you are ready to join, merely click on the link that simply says, "join this community" and i would be happy to varify anybodies request to enter my realm. i hope to see you all discussing in my community soon.

Your Official, you Maintainer, you friend,